LANDSCAPE PEARLS: Historical Grand Cascade in the Pavlovsk Park, Pavlovsk (Russia) restored

After reconstruction works within the project “Landscape pearls” Grand Cascade is in its full beauty and functionality first time since 1850 and was officially opened on 3 June as a part of the Project Site Visit within the Annual Event of the Programme.

The stone wall and portal were reassembled: damaged stones were substituted by new ones. The water pipe was restored, the balustrade renewed.


Grand Cascade in Pavlovsk Park was erected in the years 1786-1787 by architect Charles Cameron. At that time it was a small waterfall of big stones of irregular form with water flowing from them. Later the waterfall was rearranged in Italian style, a wall with portal and a view platform with balustrade was erected by architect Vincenzo Brenna. The works were finalized in the year 1749.

The Grand Cascade underwent first reconstruction in the year 1820. During the 2nd World War stone constructions were not seriously damaged, but the main pipe letting out the water was damaged inside the ground. Thorough investigation in 1990 showed that water leaks caused serious erosion of stone wall. Later in the year 2007 balustrade was also damaged.

All photos from the Opening ceremony of the Grand Cascade, Pavlovsk Park

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