2nd Call Projects

1. Project "Be good at sport through three countries" (ESTONIA) PORTFOLIO. 

2. Project "Fostering of Socio-economic Development and Encouraging Business in Border Areas" (LATVIA) PORTFOLIO.

3. Project "Two Pearls of the Landscape Parks in Eastern Europe" (LATVIA) PORTFOLIO.

4. Project "Supporting the Local Self-Government Development to Improve the Quality of Life in Rural Areas" (RUSSIA) PORTFOLIO. 

5. Project "Improvement of Higher Vocational Educationin the Field of Transport and Logistics" (LATVIA) PORTFOLIO. 

6. Project "Promoting the Use of Cultural Heritage and Resources in Product Development in Border Areas" (ESTONIA) PORTFOLIO. 

7. Project "To Preserve not to Lose it - Safeguarding of Cultural Heritage" (LATVIA) PORTFOLIO. 

8. Project "Cooperation for Quality Education for Children at Social Risk" (ESTONIA) PORTFOLIO. 

9. Project "Development and Promotion of Using Green Energy and Energy Saving Principles in Public Houses" (ESTONIA) PORTFOLIO. 

10. Project "Water Environment Protection and Green Lifestyle Measures Development in Latvia and Russia Border Regions" (LATVIA) PORTFOLIO. 

11. Project "Nature Therapy for the Improvement of Equal Living Standards in Latvia-Russia Border Areas" (LATVIA) PORTFOLIO. 

12. Project "Shaping of Latvia-Russia Border Municipalities United Cultural Information Place and Cooperation Network by Means of Literary Artistic Creative Potential" (LATVIA) PORTFOLIO. 

13. Project "Cross Border Athletics" (LATVIA) PORTFOLIO. 

14. Project  "Regeneration of Parks as Integral Part of Historical Heritage" (LATVIA) PORTFOLIO. 

15. Project "Eco-friendly Disposal of Hazardous Medical Waste in the Cross-border Region" (ESTONIA) PORTFOLIO. 

16. Project "Logistics and Overland Transport Network for Training "Blue Collars" (ESTONIA) PORTFOLIO. 

17. Project "Increasing Capacity of Local Authorities in Providing E-services in Idra-Virumaa-Leningrad Oblast Cross-border Areas" (ESTONIA) PORTFOLIO. 

18. Project "Sun and Wind: Universal Renewables for Local Sustainability" (ESTONIA) PORTFOLIO. 

19. Project "Awareness Rising and Investments in Enegry Efficiency: Johvi and Kingisepp" (ESTONIA) PORTFOLIO. 

20. Project "Regions Are to Attract Investors" (ESTONIA) PORTFOLIO.