Project Idea and Partner Search Form
Contact person: Kati Orav
State: Estonia
Address: Orava maja, Kääpa küla, Lasva vald, Võrumaa
Phone: +371 +372 5649 8816
Short description of Project idea: Start communication between 2 countries. Trough the activities develope together and make people lives better. It can be with youngsters, adults or both of them. The idea should worked out together, what is best for both of us.:
Priority 1: Socio-economic development
Measure 1: Fostering of socio-economic development and encouraging business and entrepreneurship

Priority 2: Common challenges
Measure 2: Preservation and promotion of cultural and historical heritage and support of local traditional skills
Priority 3: Promotion of people to people cooperation
Measure 1: Development of local initiative, increasing administrative capacities of local and regional authorities
Measure 2: Cooperation in spheres of culture, sport, education, social and health
Main project activities and / or results:
Looking for Partners from:
Type of organisation:
Non-governmental organisation
Additional information about desired partner: Could be working to develope country area.