Project Idea and Partner Search Form
Contact person: Bulatova Maria
State: Russia
Organisation: Administration of Pskov region
Address: 23, Nekrasov str. Pskov 180001 Russia
Phone: +371 +7 8112 68-66-58
Short description of Project idea: Four directions of priorities of the Administration of Pskov region: logistics, tourism, ecology, human resources. Any ideas for the cooperation also, support for partner search in Pskov region, consultations on project ideas:
Priority 3: Promotion of people to people cooperation
Measure 1: Development of local initiative, increasing administrative capacities of local and regional authorities
Measure 2: Cooperation in spheres of culture, sport, education, social and health
Main project activities and / or results:
Looking for Partners from: Latvia
Type of organisation: Local or regional authority
National institution
Public equivalent body
Non-governmental organisation
Educational organisation
Small or medium sized enterprise
Additional information about desired partner: