Video-review of the Programme Annual Event 2014 in Gatchina Palace, Russia
“Children are the future, supporting them we already now build the basis for future prosperity” – with these words 2014 was announced “The Year of Childhood” in the Leningrad Region by the Governor, Mr. Drozdenko.

The issue of support to children and youth and families with children in the spheres of sport, education, social rehabilitation are also among the key priorities of the EU states and Russia.

In its turn, Estonia-Latvia-Russia CBC Programme responded and integrated the thematic of children and youth support into the Annual Event 2014 held in the Gatchina Palace, Leningrad Region.

Lively project exhibition “Children in project focus” was the central attraction, including informative and visual presentations of 13 children related projects. The exhibition clearly illustrated that over 10 000 children are benefiting from the cooperation between three countries participating in 24 out of 50 projects supported by the Programme. Project partners work for children support in at least 44 locations all over Programme area, and about 5 million EURO are invested by the Programme into children support through projects directly related to children.

You can watch the video, reflecting the event at our website and vote for it in the video competition on the European Cooperation Day website !