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“Via Hanseatica” trainings in Latvia, Estonia and Russia completed successfully: new tourism products are born

The trainings included topics about Via Hanseatica and cooperation, event management, product development, service and product design and the last but not the least–communication, visual identity and media. All this is important basic knowledge and not only because of Via Hanseatica but also this is something that every tourism service provider should be familiar of to provide quality service for tourists. Andris Klepers (Nocticus Ltd.), responsible for training in Latvia admits: “Trainings had several targets – to realize each participant as part of Via Hanseatica route and in tourism itself, so these trainings were supposed to raise the competitiveness among the service providers. All topics were linked to the tendencies of tourism nowadays. I am more than happy that so many participants took part in each training module, because we all receive lots of invitations to attend seminars and lectures. That means – knowledge provided through the project Via Hanseatica is highly recognized. ”

Each set of modules was organized separately in all of three countries. Successful and conversant trainers were invited to inspire participants as well as project partners and coordinators of the project Via Hanseatica.  Modules included both practical and theoretical parts, providing each participant a possibility to learn, experience and discuss possible solutions for improving services together. Sille Talvet, Via Hanseatica coordinator says: “Via Hanseatica is no longer just a distant set of words for our service providers. They all know now in which region they provide service and are willing to work together to develop attractive and worthy to visit Via Hanseatica”.

There were 61 participants in Latvia, 68 participants in Estonia and more than 150 participants in Russia, who received certificates after all of 5 training modules. Several tourism stakeholders including tourism information specialists, representatives of museums, tourism entrepreneurs, craftsmen, representatives of government authorities and project partners and other interested organizations took part to increase their knowledge. Elena Belova, Via Hanseatica country coordinator in Russia adds that all of the service providers have been really inspired by the Via Hanseatica project and will undoubtedly deliver interesting high-quality services to all the tourists traveling along the wonderful Via Hanseatica route.

Sille Roomets, Via Hanseatica coordinator in Estonia says: „ I am very pleased and grateful about these trainings organized for our entreprenuers.  All the participants were very active and interested, for sure they strengthen the relationships among themselves.  I am sure, this is very good beginning of creating a strong Via Hanseatica network.” Also the trainers express the same opinion: „All the participants were very interested to develop Via Hanseatica route and by seing other tourism objects they realized the their own role creating the route and offering services or products,” tells Ülle Puustusmaa, project manager and trainer of BDA Consulting in Estonia. Participant of the training in Latvia Ilvija Ķimse, the representative of Jērcēni manor tells: “After these trainings I had a lot to think about - the accessibility in the environment, about product design and cooperation advantage. Actually during these trainings the real cooperation began – while doing an exercise in the trainings and making some example of possible local tourism route, a real product was born. Now Jērcēni manor makes lot of activities together with famous Valmiermuiža brewery – the mysterious place, traditions and local specialities joins together. We are happy to offer something new to our tourists. ”

Via Hanseatica is the tourism route taking you from St.Petersburg towards Riga, where it goes also trough Narva and Tartu in Estonia, and through Valmiera and Sigulda in Latvia. By developing service providers network and creating attractive products as well as creating modern marketing tools: Via Hanseatica webpage and travel planner, mobile application, entertaining travel guide, developers have a challenge to create an attractive and qualitative cross border tourism route and to enhance regional economy.

Via Hanseatica project is being implemented during the period from January 2012 till December 2014. The lead partner of Via Hanseatica project is the Vidzeme Planning Region (Latvia). Altogether 18 partners are taking part in this project. The total budget of the project is 1 803 966 Euro where 90% or 1.623.569, 66 Euro of this amount are financed by the Estonia-Latvia-Russia Cross Border Cooperation Programme with European Neighbourhood and Partnership Instrument 2007-2013.

For further information, please, contact the country coordinators – Dagnija Ūdre, Latvia ( , Sille Roomets, Estonia, ( and  Elena Belova, Russia (  and project manager Sille Talvet (


Press release prepared by: Anita Āboliņa,
AP 2 coordinator of project “Via Hanseatica” 
Mobile phone: +371 29454752

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