VIA HANSEATICA: Finnish tourists get interested in trip planner of VH tourism route


During the biggest Nordic tourism fair “Matka 2014” in Helsinki (Finland) from 16 to 19 January the unique tourism route Via Hansetica was opened. Bright colours and informative stand using modern tools – trip planner and website provided opportunity to introduce colourful tourism offer through three countries – Russia, Estonia and Latvia.  Finnish public was especially attracted by the trip planner of Via Hanseatica, as it is very good source of information for individual travellers, as well as for tour operators, enabling to prepare the high-quality travel plan. It is particularly important that trip planner offers a timetable, allowing tourists to realize the time required for viewing the objects and trips. Thinking of tourist amenities along the route creation, it can also be saved and printed.



At the beginning of February Via Hanseatica will participate in tourism fair Reisen 2014 in Hamburg (Germany) and will introduce rich tourism offer of Russia, Estonia and Latvia. Mobile application of Via Hanseatica will be introduced to wide public around the same time.


VIA HANSEATICA runs through the large and small cities in Russia, Estonia and Latvia, starting from St.Petersburg, through Narva-Ivangorod, Hanza town Tartu, border towns Valga and Valka, Hanza town Valmiera, through Sigulda and ends in Hanza city Riga. 

VIA HANSEATICA invites to visit places outside large towns, to enjoy untouched nature and to allow tourists experience something truly interesting. VIA HANSEATICA offers surprisingly rich cultural heritage and the locals met in the way show their hospitality and their country's lifestyle and traditions.

If you are interested in learning about a different, only Latvia, Estonia and Russia distinctive culture, if you want to meet local people, enjoy active recreation in nature or to bring joy to your family, go on a trip with VIA HANSEATICA – this is perfect destination for this year's summer vacation.

Information prepared by Via Hanseatica communication expert Anitu Āboliņu (, +371 29454752)