VIA HANSEATICA: Benefit of the Via Hanseatica tourism route – unknown and rich with sights Russia

From 5 to 9 February, 2014 Via Hanseatica tourism route was presented in Germany at the tourism fair REISEN 2014 in Hamburg. This was this year’s second participation of the project Via Hanseatica in highly international tourism fairs outside Programme territory. Following message was brought from the fair: German tourists know what they want, but if the route Via Hanseatica attracted their attention, then almost surely Via Hanseatica will be chosen as destination of the next vacation. People interested in Via Hanseatica mostly has experience with travelling via Baltic States, but the opportunity to visit and enjoy the tourist offers in Russia could be the reason why to visit this region one more time.|


In addition of German individual tourist’ interest in the Via Hanseatica tourism route and travel planner  intrigued a number of tour operators, who are organizing various tours for German tourists to Baltic States and Russia.  Many participants of the fair showed interest into the common idea of the Project, its model of cooperation and financing, and were introduced with advantages and benefits of the EU cross border cooperation programmes.

In January 2014 in the framework of activities of the Project Via Hanseatica tourism route in very colourful and interactive stand was presented in international tourism fair Matka 2014, in Helsinki, Finland. Interest of tour operators, journalists and individuals was high.

Via Hanseatica tourism route has been created in cooperation of tourism development organizations, municipalities and entrepreneurs operating in the route area. Lead partner of the project is Vidzeme planning region, Latvia.