Unforgetable Awards Ceremony was hold in Pskov on 28 April 2015 during final country based event in Russia

Within the first nomination 5 best project managers were awarded for professionalism, active, energetic and inspiring work while implementing projects. These best project managers are:  MS Julia Tikhanova (Project “Improvement of higher vocational education in the field of transport and logistics“), Ms Anna Leontieva (Project “Supporting the Local Self-Government Development to Improve the Quality of Life in Rural Areas”), Ms Zoia Koroleva (“Creating access to the art of photography for young people with disabilities”), Mr Andrey Aljabev and Ms Lubov Lukina (“Economically and Environmentally Sustainable Lake Peipsi area”).


Ms Ināra Buda, Deputy Director of the Development Instruments’ Department,
Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development of the Republic of
Latvia, handed out awards in the nomination of Best Project Site to 15 nominees from Russia for their positive impact in the development of tourism and ecological infrastructure as well as educational and energy efficient spheres:

o Ivangorod Fortress (LSP-6)
o Leshikhino village waste water treatment factory (Partner 10); RUS (LSP-3)
o Access road and stairs to Ivangorod Fortress (ELRI-103)
o Grand Cascade in Pavlovsk, RUS (ELRII-261)
o 2  well equipped service houses on existing skiing tracks created in St.Peterburg; RUS (ELRI-112)
o Demo Centre opened in St. Petersburg; RUS (ELRI-121)
o Library renovated in Shlisselburg, RUS (ELRII-359)
o Centre for preservation and rehabilitation of material and immaterial cultural traditions in cross-border regions of Russia, Estonia and Latvia in the town of Pechory , RUS (ELRI-016)
o Kingisepp kindergarten’s energy savings project; RUS (ELRII-499)
o Ivangorod Promenade (ELRI-015)
o Playgrounds for children in Palkino and Pytalovo (ELRI-129)


Awards recognized consultant of Department for foreign economic relations, State Committee of the Pskov region for economic development and investment policy Maria Bulatova as the Best Promoter for effective communication with Pskov partners’ projects and best promotion of Programme and projects' results and significant input in distribution of information on the Programme level; as well 2 Projects “Fostering of Socio-economic Development and Encouraging Business in Border Areas” (ELRII-233) and “Tartu, Rezekne, Pskov: Green Management for Urban Development & Planning in EE-LV-RU Border Capitals” (ELRI-177) for Best Communication while implementing projects.


After bright performances 5 more nominees were presented to the audience.  Best Project Solutions were embodied in infrastructure sphere “Improvement of traffic and border crossing possibilities in Värska-Pechory monastery road” (LSP-1), “Development of unique Narva-Ivangorod fortresses ensemble as a single cultural and tourist object” (LSP-6); information technologies “Integrated Intelligent Platform for Monitoring the Cross-Border Natural-Technological Systems“ (ELRI-184),  “Supporting the local self-government development to improve the quality of life in rural areas” (ELRII-269) and  medical sphere “Improving availability of medical information and counseling” (ELRI-064).

4 awards recognized projects for holding Outstanding Events during implementation. Projects were noticed for bright, attarctive and very attended events, camps and masterclasses:

o Creating access to the art of photography for young people with disabilities (ELRI-146)
o Cooperation in the theatre and the music arts development (ELRI-106)
o Development of the centres for culture and creative industries in Räpina, Vilaka and Pechory (ELRI-016)
o Two pearls of the landscape parks in Eastern Europe (ELRII-261)
o Promoting nature education as efficient mean of awareness raising (ELRI-156)


Awards for Best Sustainability and Best Impact for Future were announced at the ceremony to project, improving energy efficiency “Sun and Wind: Universal Renewables for Local Sustainability” and projects of social sphere: “Cooperation for quality education for children at social risk”, “Exchange of cross-border experience to enhance the quality of special education”.


The following winners in the award nomination Pearl of Region were recognized:

o Economically and Environmentally Sustainable Lake Peipsi area (LSP-3)
o Baltic ICT Platform (ELRI-121)
o Establishment of environment in Võru(EE),Sigulda(LV),St.Petersburg(RU) for development of tourism (ELRI-112)
o Development of unique Narva-Ivangorod fortresses ensemble as a single cultural and tourist object (LSP-6)



Altogether 50 cross-border cooperation projects have been supported by the ENPI Estonia-Latvia-Russia CBC Programme 2007-2013 with the overall budget of 58,89 MEUR involving 241 partners from three countries.