TOUR: Virtual tour to medieval times in Ludza, Latvia

Today, on 29 April new mobile application, based on a virtual augmented reality technology, which helps tourists see the past is launched in Ludza, Latvia. Mobile application is a part of reconstruction of the historical Ludza Livonian Order castle and was developed within the cross border project “Tour de Latgale and Pskov”. Augmented reality technology allow with your tablet PC see exterior and interior appearance of the castle, as well learn many facts about the time of the Livonian castle's history and everyday life.

This is the first of its kind mobile application in the Baltic States, which is based on a virtual augmented reality technology and that allows the user trough own tablet return several hundred years ago.

Mobile application was created with the support of the Programme, Latgale planning region agency and Ludza municipality.

Please see short introduction of the mobile application project: