Topics related to the final reporting highly attracts project implementers

On 27-28 February about 80 project implementers from Estonia, Latvia and Russia representing Beneficiaries and Partners of the Projects gathered for the first two days seminar on final reporting and project closure issues in Pühajärve, Estonia. Presentations and practical exercises covered actual topics like on-spot visits to the projects, visibility and accessibility of outputs, requirements of construction works, role and obligation of the partner within project partnership, filling in the financial and narrative part of final reports. Facilitation of networking and opportunity for individual consultations were highly appreciated by participants.


Questions from participants touched the topics related to archiving documents after the conclusion of the Project, transfer of assets, exchange rate and recovery, achieved indicators as well the difference between outputs and results of the projects. During the consultations the issues about preparation of final report, expenditure of human resources from the Programme funds, how to describe and ensure the sustainability of the Project after the closure of the action and using Programme visibility elements after the Project implementation phase were discussed. Joint exercises showed lively interest.


Consultations on the consequences caused by the change of the legal status of the project partner were held.

Part of the Projects are ending in the first half of the current year and therefore the supervision on how to prepare final reports has become very actual for them. Also for other projects information is much needed as the final date for the implementation is 31 December, 2014.

Handouts of useful information materials related to the presentation and exercises are published under Implementation section Downloads 2014. Presentations will be published after the last seminar.