Together against AIDS - Together helping to live

In the framework of the Russian-Estonian project "HELPING TO LIVE", which aims to reduce social consequences of the spread of HIV in Estonia and the Leningrad region on 19 May 2013 to mark the Candlelight Memorial AIDS, two identical events in the Russian town Kingisepp and in the Estonian town of Narva took place.

On the border of Estonia-Russia in Narva, at checkpoint Specialists Foundation "Positive Wave", NGO "Eureka" organized information tables with booklets on HIV prevention. All who wished could consult with HIV specialists. Volunteers distributed condoms, icons, information booklets. The same activities were held in Kingisepp.

Memorial service was held for died from AIDS in churches in the border area.

Russian-Estonian project "HELPING TO LIVE" is co-financed cross-border programs "Estonia - Latvia - Russia" in the framework of the European Neighbourhood and Partnership Instrument of 2007-2013.

Memorable moments from the ativities: