Three identical seminars for Auditors, Financial Experts and Accountants of Projects

From 25 to 27 November 2013 three identical seminars related to contractual obligations, eligibility of expenditure and  expenditure verification, requirements for accounting and reporting one after other took place in Riga (Latvia), Tartu (Estonia) and Pskov (Russia). High interest from Project’s Experts and Auditors was observed. Questions varied from how to deal with losses due currency exchange, how to distinguish if the changes in Project are minor or major, reporting issues, visibility requirements for book-keeping documents and use of logo on promotional items, as well questions related to agreements with external experts. 

Seminars were hold in national languages and in Tartu (Estonia) combined with English in order to cover issues related with finances and legal framework. 

Number of participants reached 42 in Riga, 47 in Tartu and 55 in Pskov.

25 November, 2013 seminar in Riga, Latvia


26 November, 2013 seminar in Tartu, Estonia



27 November, 2013 seminar in Pskov, Russia



Presentations of the seminar are published here.