Thematic seminars significantly improve the quality of project implementation

Thematic workshops are the most acknowledged and useful events and form of support show answers by 104 respondents of the Communication Questionnaire, performed by the Joint Technical Secretariat of the Programme in the end of the year 2013. Project Managers, Financial Experts, Auditors, Communication experts of Beneficiaries and Partners of Projects supported within the Programme were gathered in 14 seminars in Estonia, Latvia and Russia during year 2013.  Joint Technical Secretariat organized 2-day seminars in each country and invited all partners of the Project to come together for networking and with an aim to strengthen partnerships.

Second most useful Programme event is the Annual Event, where the progress of implementation is demonstrated and is most visible. In year 2013 thematic capitalisation of Programme’s support to development of tourism sector in Estonia, Latvia and Russia was initiated and greatly performed. Both days of the Conference and Exhibition of the Annual Event gathered ~ 420 participants from Estonia, Latvia, Russia and wide world. Thematic capitalisation under Priority I – socio-economic development will be continued also during this year’s Annual Event, which will take place in Gatchina, Leningrad Oblast (Russia) in 3-4 June, 2014.

As stated by respondents other most useful forms of support to successful project implementation besides seminars are consultations via e-mails and usage of written documents (guidelines, forms and templates). Popular are consultations via phone and individually.