The Deadline for Submission of Grant Applications is in 3 weeks - 29 November 2010

 As the deadline for submission of Grant Applications - 29 November 2010 - is approaching, we would like to remind the procedure for project submission to make sure that all projects receive us fully completed and in good time.


Fully completed Grant Applications shall be submitted both in paper format and electronically.

The completed Application Form (including Budget, Logical Framework, and Declaration by the Applicant) and Pre-Feasibility Study (if required) must be supplied in electronic format by email.
Application must be submitted in one original and one copy in A4 size, each bound (stitched by a thread with its ends bound on the back of the Application in such a way that the pages of the Application cannot be replaced).


The electronic version of the above-mentioned documents has to be sent to the email address:

The Application in paper version (original and copy) should be submitted in one envelope. The envelope must bear the following sentences: “Application for Estonia-Latvia-Russia CBC Programme within ENPI 2007-2013. The First Call for Proposals. Not to be opened before the opening session" together with the full name and address of the applicant.

The Application should be submitted by regular mail, courier service or by hand-delivery (a signed and dated certificate of receipt will be given to the deliverer) at the addresses below:

Joint Technical Secretariat:
Ausekļa Street 14-3 (3rd floor), LV-1010, Riga, Latvia
Joint Technical Secretariat Branch Office in Tartu, Estonia
Sõbra 56 (5th floor), 51013 Tartu
Joint Technical Secretariat Branch Office in Johvi, Estonia
 Pargi 27 (1st floor), 41537 Jõhvi
Joint Technical Secretariat Branch Office in St. Petersburg, Russia
Измайловский проспект 14, office 316-318, Санkт-Петербург, 190005, Россия
Joint Technical Secretariat Branch Office in Pskov, Russia
Улица Некрасова 23, флигeл , 3-й этаж, оф, 32, г. Псков, 180001, Россия , 180001, г.Псков, Россия.

Should an applicant submits several different applications, each one has to be sent separately.


The deadline for submission of applications is 29 November 2010.

Electronically the Application must arrive to the given email address not later than midnight of the submission deadline (local time of the JMA). Any Application submitted after the deadline will be rejected automatically.

The deadline for the submission of Application is 29 November 2010 depending of the way of delivery. In the case of hand delivery, the deadline for receipt is at 16.00 local time as evidenced by the signed and dated receipt. If the Application is sent by regular mail, the postal stamp on the Application not later than 29 November, 2010. 

Paper versions of the Applications sent by mail have to arrive to the addresses listed in the Section 2.2.2 no later than one month after the deadline.

Any application submitted after the deadline will be rejected automatically.


Please note that questions may be sent by e-mail in English to the Joint Technical Secretariat e-mail address: or submitted calling the phone number +371 6750 9520 no later than 16 calendar days before the deadline for the submission of Applications, e.g. 14 November 2010. Replies will be answered no later than 11 days before the deadline, e.g. 19 November 2010.