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Symbolic cooperation for the ECDay in Rēzekne - Latvian trees, Estonian musicians and Russian cuisine

Cross Border Cooperation and its role to make near border cities greener was highly appreciated by the head of the Rēzekne City Mr Aleksandrs Bartašēvičš and representative from the Latgale Planning Region, Ms Ingrīda Bernāne - honourable guests of the second tree planting action of the Programme. Young people from youth centres and Rēzekne High school, including guest-students from Portugal and Spain supported the action and planted 10 different species of trees in Vipinga Forest Park in Rēzekne, Latvia on 10 September 2013. During this action dendropark of the Vipinga Forest Park was restored.


The event was opened by the Head of JTS of the Programme Unda Ozolina, who said in her speech that trees are the best symbol for the sustainability and long term durability of the cross border cooperation. Whistles made of clay from all three countries were chosen as symbolic Programme’s souvenirs for the ECDay 2013. The story tells that in Estonia, Latvia and Russia ceramists do whistles similarly from the clay, but it turns out that not only birds, but also a variety of animals can whistle.


"Green Man" Project coordinator of the partner from Rēzekne City Ms Natalija Jupatova stressed that during the European Cooperation Day's  tree planting actions in Pskov, Rēzekne and Tartu all three cities became greener and this is real added value of the action. Project "Green Man" is co-organizer of the tree planting action also in Latvia.    

Action hosted the folk group „Maatasa” from Tartu (Estonia), which performed energetic Estonian folksongs and surprised participants of the action by performing a song in Latvian and song in Russian – in both languages of the other two participating countries of the Programme.

As the third element of the action and to represent presence of Russia, real soļanka – Russian national soup was offered by representatives of the Russian song ensemble „Harmony” in national costumes. By having planted Latvian trees, listened Estonian music and tasted Russian soup all guests and participants of the action took home the best mood of the cooperation and neighbourhood.


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