Today is Monday, 2024.07.22

Summary and presentations of the Annual Conference and Contact Forum „Strategic Cooperation – United by Borders” are available on-line now

150 participants gathered for the Annual Conference and Contact Forum „Strategic Cooperation – United by Borders” of the Programme. From them about 80 participated in the Partner Search Point activities organized by Regional Capacity Building Initiative. During the Conference 3 Grant Contracts with 1st call Projects has been signed and Press Conference took place.

Thanks to moderators of panels and panel speakers for their valuable contribution to the content of the Conference.

Information and presentations for download:

1. Agenda of the Conference;

2. Opening speech by Mr Mikhail Vinogradov in Russian;

3. Presentations PANEL I – New opportunities for regional development through corss-border cooperation:

- Ms Silja Sorgus, Representative of the National Authority of Estonia;

- Ms Anna Skabireva, Representative of the National Authority of Latvia;

- Ms Unda Ozolina, Head of the Joint Technical Secretariat.

4.  Presentations PANEL II – From strategic planning to cross-border actions:

Impact of the ENPI on dvelopment of Pskov Oblast by  Mr Dmitriy Ravikovich, Chairman of the State Committee of Pskov Region for economic development, industry and trade;

LSP – 1, Improvement of traffic and border crossing possibilities in Varska-Pechory monastery road – SAFE ROAD by Mr Jana Taal, Deputy Regional Director of the Estonian Road Administration;

LSP – 4,  Reconstruction of border checkpoint „Vientuli” and arrangement of border checkpoint „Brunishevo”, Mr Yuri Kondratenko, Project Manager, State Real Estate, Latvia and Ms Elena Kitova, Chief of State Policy Department, Rosgranitsa, Russia;

 LSP – 6, Development of the unique Narva-Ivangorod transborder fortress ensamble as a single cultural and tourism object by Mr Georgy Ignatov, Director Development and Economy, Narva City Government;

LSP – 3, Economically and environmentally sustainable Lake Peipsi area by Ms Helena Musthallik, Project Manager, Ministry of Interior of Estonia;

1st Call Project - Development of Hereditary Cancer Prevention Measures in Pskov Oblast by Prof. E. Miklasevics, Riga Stradins Unicersity.

5. Partner Search Point:

Agenda of the Partner Search Point activity

Presentation - Partners and cross-border cooperation by Ms Karine Leroy, Lead Expert RCBI;

Partner Search Pack.


Project „Improving availability of medical information and counseling”. Lead partner - Estonian Advice Centres (North-East ESTONIA).

Project “Border light”.  Lead partner - Valka Municipality Council (Vidzeme, LATVIA).

Project “Reduction of social consequences of an HIV spread in Estonia and Leningradskaya oblast of Russia”.  Lead partner - Social Support and Public Health Foundation «POSITIVE WAVE» (Saint-Petersburg, RUSSIAN FEDERATION).

7. PANEL III – From the First to the Second Call of Proposals.

Lessons of the First Call and Requirements of the Second Call by Ms Iveta Puzo, Project Manager, Joint Technical Secretariat.

Selected pictures of the Conference are placed here:

Promotional Video Clip is awailable for viewing here:


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