Simultaneous European Cooperation Day Actions in the Programme territory of the European Union and Russian Federation

„Two cities – Two Friends” - Narva River riversides near Narva (Estonia) and Ivangorod (Russia) fortresses ensemble on 21 September 2012 gathered local public for celebrities of the European Cooperation Day! Friendship balloons and paper floats were let into the air and water to have a simbolic unification of greetings to each other from other side of the broder!

Four Programme supported Projects were cooperating for this joint Local Action of the European Cooperation Day and children drawing contest was finalised on European Cooperation Day on 21 September in Narva Museum (Estonia).

On 21 September simultaneouse Actions were performed also by Project ESTLATRUS TRAFFIC - in Rēzekne and Kārsava (Latvia), Voru (Estonia) Traffic Education Parks were opened and in Pskov (Russia) traffic safety campaign „Father, mother and me – protected Family” with the focus on safety of pedestrians in traffic was hold.  

This week Key Action in Russia will take place in St.Petersburg during V St.Petersburg International Innovation Forum on 26-27 September. Five cross-border ‘partnership and neighbourhood’ Programmes, known as ENPI Programmes cooperating with Russia, will promote Programmes and innovative Projects in the Conference and Joint ENPI Exposition.

Memorable moments from Narva and Ivangorod on 21 September 2012:

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