Russian beneficiaries and partners introduced with position of the European Commission on „VAT eligibility”

Around 60 participants of two Reporting seminars, that took place in Pskov and St.Petersburg, Russia at the end of November, received the long awaited news about „VAT eligibility”. Staff of the Joint Technical Secretariat introduced participants with the content and explanation of the European Commission’s Letter dated 22 November 2012 on this issue.

Other questions were related to auditing issues and the role of the Partner in preparation of the Report.

The explanation of the „VAT eligibility conditions” applicable for Russian beneficiaries and partners: - “Pursuant to provisions set forth in the letter Nr. DEVCO/F/MC/pn(2012)1380769 of 22 November 2012 to the Ministry of Regional Development of the Russian Federation, the Value Added Tax (VAT) is deemed eligible for Russian Beneficiaries and Partners of the ENPI CBC Programmes on condition that it cannot be recovered, and the project Beneficiary/Partner provides legal evidences of that”.

Few moments form the Reporting seminar in Pskov on 27 November 2012: