RIVER PROMENADES II: Festive opening of River Promenades in Border Towns Narva and Ivangorod

On 5 February 2014 the ceremonial opening of newly reconstructed promenades took place on both banks of River Narva. As a result of made investments the tourism potential of significant historical and cultural embankments of Narva and Ivangorod is expected to considerably increase.

Minister of Regional Affairs of the Republic of Estonia Mr Siim Kiisler, Consul General of the Republic of Estonia in St.Petersburg Ms Viktoria Tuulas, Mayor of Narva city Mr Eduard East, Governor of Leningrad region of Russian Federation Mr Aleksandr Drozdenko and Mayor of Ivangorod city Mr Mikhail Kornejev participated in the opening event.

„The river banks of Narva and Ivangorod have great historical and cultural importance and their improvement adds to the attractiveness of the region and fosters economy“, said Minister of Regional Affairs of Estonia Mr Siim Kiisler, refering that the cooperation of two cities and two states in implementation of the project has been in every respect succsessful.

The opening ceremonies taking place in riverside areas of two border cities marked the homestretch of the project „Development of historical riverside protection area in Narva/Estonia and Ivangorod/Russsia II stage“ (RIVER PROMENADES II). In the frame of the cross-border cooperation project in Narva an upper level of the promenade located in the Pimeaed (Dark Garden) Park and its surroundings (starting from the Hahn staircase till the fountain, and the road along the park territory) were reconstructed with the total area of 4700 m2. In Ivangorod the river promenade with the total area of 3570 m2 was reconstructed and thematically named as “Fish market”.

Project “River promenades II” is co-financed by ENPI Estonia-Latvia-Russia CBC Programme 2007-2014 with total contribution of the Programme EUR 1 568 104,80 (90%). Total cost of the Project is EUR 1 742 338,67 and co-financing by partners is EUR 174 233,87 (10%).


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