Reconstruction of the unique Narva – Ivangorod trans-border fortresses ensemble can start

Grant Contract for 6,18 million euro of ENPI Estonia-Latvia-Russia CBC Programme co-financing has been countersigned with the Narva City Government today in Narva (Estonia). Large Scale Project “Development of the unique Narva – Ivangorod trans-border fortresses ensemble as a single cultural and tourism object” will improve accessibility of tourism information and will develop tourism infrastructure and its accessibility, historical fortifications will substantially be reconstructed. 

Specifically, Historical fortifications of the Victoria bastion and Powder cellar, and The Small Powder Granary will be reconstructed and necessary tourism infrastructure developed (expositions and visitor centres in Victoria bastion and in the small Powder Granary, safe access roads, info-signs, recreation zones, toilets, etc).

Total budget of the LSP is 6 871 455, 00 EUR and it includes 6 184 309, 00 ENPI, Russian and Estonian co-financing, as well 687 146, 00 EUR co-financing by partners. Co-financing from the State Budget of Estonia is 1 836 487, 00 EUR.

Project will be implemented together with a partner from Russia – The Leningrad Region State Cultural Institution „Museum Agency”.

More information about the Project can be found in PORTFOLIO.