Reconstruction of Roads in Pechory District in 2013-2014 discussed

On 18 December 2012 in Krivsk, Pechory District, Pskov oblast (Russian Federation), was organized international seminar „New Technologies in road construction” in the framework of the Large Scale Project “Safe Road”. The seminar was opened by the Head of Pechory Administration, J. Konchenko. There were presented perspectives for development of roads in Pskov oblast 2011-2015. Project partners involving Russian, Estonian public authorities and private construction companies and experts have discussed and compared methods, benefits and drawbacks concerning reconstruction of roads in Estonia and Russia, as well as the participants presented the project of reconstruction of roads and parking places, which will be executed in the Pechory district and the city of Pechory in 2013-2014 years.

In addition, it is planned to arrange parking for trucks, passenger cars and tourist buses in the city center and near the Pechory border checkpoint, set up the necessary road infrastructure. Also along the main road will be equipped bicycle lanes and sidewalks. Main part of the construction works in the Pskov region will be carried out in 2013, the final stage - in 2014. At the moment Russian Project partners are preparing for a construction work tender while Estonian partner has already implemented the construction tender.

Project Project partners are Estonian Road Administration, Administration of Pechory district, Municipal Culture Institution “Pechory Culture Centre”, General Partnership Company “Shans & Co”. With the participation of as associate partners - State Committee of road facilities in Pskov region, State Committee for economic development, industry and trade in Pskov region, Värska Municipality and The Union of Setomaa Rural Municipalities.