Public Award "People's Acknowledgemet - 2104" assigned to NGO "Lake Peipsi Project, Pskov"

NGO «Lake Peipsi Project, Pskov», the Partner of ELRI-156 «Promoting nature education as efficient mean of awareness raising»/ «People With Nature» project won a prestigious public award of the Pskov Region People's Acknowledgement («Народное признание»).


The organization took the first place in the category «Best printed advertising product» for 2 publications: Photo album «Nature values of the Pskov region» and Guide «Ecological trails of Pskov region». Publications were prepared for promoting the protected areas of the Pskov region and their potential for the development of nature tourism. More than 100 unique photos included into the album, present amazing flora and fauna of 5 nature areas of the Pskov land.


Guidebook «Ecological trails of Pskov region» as a logical complement to the photo album allows to make an imaginary travel along 8 environmentally routes.  Both publications give an opportunity to readers to discover “another Pskov region” with wonderful nature of moors, lakes and forests…

On the results of e-voting which lasted more than 2 months, publications of NGO «Lake Peipsi Project, Pskov» got more than 1000 votes and became the first in the nomination.

The awarding ceremony took place in the restored Drama Theater on the 19th of February 2015. The prize in the category «Best printed advertising product» was awarded to Mr. Andrey Vasiliev, the manager of NGO «Lake Peipsi Project, Pskov» and Coordinator of “People With Nature” project.



The overall objective of the «People With Nature» project was to carry out joint activities, to elaborate joint approaches for management of nature education centers, to make nature education more available to society and positively influence awareness of people in order to promote sustainable development of Estonian-Latvian-Russian cross-border region. The partnership (4 Latvian, 2 Estonian and 5 Russian) includes both state and non-governmental organizations dealing with nature conservation, education and sustainable development issues.

The «People With Nature» project has been implemented within 30 months, from April 2012 up to end of September 2014.

The project is financed by the «Estonia-Latvia-Russia» ENPI CBC Programme 2007-2013. The project total budget is 1 499 977 EUR; the Programme co-financing is 1 349 979 EUR.