PROMOTING HERITAGE: The final conference of the Project in Pechory, Russia, - project finalization is started

The final conference of the project ELRI-016 „Development of the centres for culture and creative industries in Räpina, Vilaka and Pechory“ (PROMOTING HERITAGE) took place in Pechory on 27 June 2014.

During the conference partners reported about the results of the project in Estonia, Latvia and Russia. Centres for culture and creative industries in Räpina (Estonia) and in Vilaka (Latvia) have been opened to the public in 2013.  Centre in Pechory (Russia) will be officially opened to the public in August 2014.

Conference had total 176 participants, among them representatives of the partner organisations from Estonia and Latvia, guests of honour  from the Chancery of St Petersburgs’ Consulate General in Pskov, from the JTS office and from the Pechory Monastery.

Several experts speaked at the conference about preservation and promotion of the material and immaterial cultural heritage on the border areas and in the Pechory Dictrict.

Finally  - during the  concert the guests could enjoy a colourful performance of  the  local groups of the folk dancers and singers.

In the newly renovated centre there will be space for the master classes: wood, textile, clay etc. In the renovated hall there will be possibility to arrange concerts, performances as well as festivities for younger generation.

Total project budget of the renovation of the building in Pechory was 912 119,43€, including the ENPI co-financing 90%, 820 907,49€.

Memorable moments of the conference:







Information and photos are  provided by the Project