Projects go public - European Cooperation Day 2013

The best tellers about achieved within a Project are people who implement it. During September and October events like Info days, quizzes, nature education lessons and clean-up activities, exhibitions and openings of investment sites gathered students, pupils and local people all around Programme territory. European Cooperation Day 2013 was marked by 14 events and it was celebrated by 15 Projects of the Estonia-Latvia-Russia cross border cooperation programme. Flagship Project „Green Man” co-organized tree planting activities and together with the Programme proved that planting trees in regional capitals adds a green value in urban environment.

Three Flagship Projects – „Green Man”, „People with Nature” and „Common Peipsi”, which in spring 2013 approved Joint Monitoring Committee, actively took part in the European Cooperation Day action. Partners of the Project „Green Man” in Pskov, Rēzekne and Tartu co-organized tree planting, involved heads of the cities and attracted interest of regional media. Through several workshops in Tartu and Pskov, local public learned about Project „People with Nature”. „Common Peipsi” opened their first investment site in Estonia – Rapina Harbour, which national television of Estonia ETV included in their evening news broadcast. Flagship projects were promoted through , DG Regio Open Days journal „Regional Review”, as well via Programme’s ECDay posters and bookmarks.

Riga Technical University and University of Tartu – both have taken part in Researchers Night 2013, which in these universities was part of the European Cooperation Day and the dimension of cross border cooperation was brought up by Projects INFROM and ACC. In addition an exhibition „Digitalized documentary heritage about Riga Technical University from National Archives of Latvia” was organized by Project „E-archives”. Students of Daugavpils University, St.Petersburg University of Transport Education, St.Petersburg Polytechnic University, Pskov State University, Narva College of the Tartu University, Valmiera 5th Secondary School got new knowledge about cross border cooperation and its achievements.

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Photographer of the main photo - Eduards Lapsa