Project “Sun and Wind” brings innovative solutions in the sphere of energy efficiency

Within the bilateral Estonian-Russian “Sun and Wind” project modernization of boiler houses with additional alternative sun and wind energy usage for social objects in South Estonia and Pskov regions was foreseen. Main objective of the project is to promote and fasten effective and sustainable use of local renewable energy resources in border areas, in the target regions of Estonia and Northwest Russia.

During project implementation research in 3 regions of Pskov oblast was carried out and recommendation on usage of local resources are given to local authorities. Also street lighting was substituted with energy efficient lamps in 4 municipalities to reduce municipal power consumption. Estonian part of the project is already finalized with the number of results.

On Thursday, 18 June, seminar participants started with the coordination meeting with summarizing project “Sun and Wind” results. Head of Pytalovo region Ms Larisa Sidoruk welcomed all participants and designated the importance of all 4 projects implemented in Pytalovo region within Estonia-Latvia-Russia CBC Programme. The projects have given big input in Pytalovo region development.


Head of State Committee of the Pskov region for building, housing and utilities, state building and housing supervision Mr Dmitriy Bystrov stressed in his speech that experience and best practices exchange is essential to fulfil set tasks and aims.  

Consultant of Department for foreign economic relations, State Committee of the Pskov region for economic development and investment policy Ms Maria Bulatova thanked those municipals which participated in the Programme implementation. She also accented on a very sustainable partnership organized within the project and future cooperation perspectives for the period 2014-2020.


Project Lead partner representative from Estonia Mr Martin Kikkas from Tartu Regional Energy Agency noticed that he is much satisfied with the partnership and hopes to achieve set already 2,5 years ago results.

Project coordinator Mr Natalya Krasnikova (ANO SKC Pskovregioninfo), vice head of Administration of Gdov Region (project partner) Mr Vasily Chumakov and Information Manager of Pskov Branch of Programme JTS Mr Ekaterina Moskaleva, stressed the priority of energy efficiency aspect in Pskov region and also realization of set objectives in the nearest future and implementation of new plans.


Further on seminar participants checked infrastructural objects of the project. Scholars of elementary Borousy Shool (Pytalovo region, Russia) met the delegation with balloons and flags. Within the project in this school there was carried out reconstruction of the roof, new plastic windows installed and modernization of heating system done. The heating system will work with new standards after installation of energy efficient split system on the roof (accumulating energy of sun) and thermal collector and controller. 




Next point of site visit was boiler house in Gavry village for local school. Building of new boiler house is coming to an end. There will be installed 2 boilers 100 and 150 kWatt working on pellets.



“Sun and Wind” project was implemented from May 2013 till June 2015. The total budget of the project is 936 126, 00 Euro where 90% or 842 512, 00  Euro of this amount were financed by the Estonia-Latvia-Russia Cross Border Cooperation Programme within European Neighbourhood and Partnership Instrument 2007-2013 and 10% or 93 613, 10 Euro co-financed by the project.