Programme supports the development of local self-government

On 7 June the Grant Contract within the 2nd Call for Proposals for 184 104 Euro of the Programme co-financing was countersigned by the JMA of the Programme and Aleksandra Bondar, Executive Director of Association "Council of Leningrad Region Municipalities". Cross-border Project “Supporting the Local Self-Government Development to Improve the Quality of Life in Rural Areas” was accepted under the Priority 3 – Promotion of people to people cooperation, Measure 3.1 – Development of local initiative, increasing administrative capacities of local and regional authorities.

The project is aimed at developing local self-governance (LSG) system in remote rural areas that will lead to improvement of life quality of local communities, with special care to additional support in emergency situations. Capacity building is another key point of this project, which is planning to carry out relevant studies in order to provide necessary information base for the development of recommendations for regional and municipal authorities and NGOs on LSG issues in rural areas.

Overall objective
To improve the quality of life in rural areas of the target regions in Russia and Latvia

Specific objectives
• To increase involvement of rural communities in the regional development processes through catalyzation of the social dialog
• To improve institutional conditions for LSG system development in rural areas thus raising the capacity of rural LSGs to provide the evidence base for decision making and competence growth
• To develop sustainable cooperation between Latvian Association of Local and Regional Governments and Association “Council of municipalities of the Leningrad Region” in order to enhance the efficiency and administrative capacity of local and regional authorities and to promote the cross-border contacts

Association “Council of Municipalities of the Leningrad Region” (Russia)

Latvian Association of Local and Regional Governments (Latvia)

Total budget of the Project - 204 600,00 EUR