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Programme supports preservation of cultural and historical heritage in Latvia, Estonia and Russia

On 30 April 2013 the Grant Contract within the 2nd Call for Proposals for 900 000 euro of the Programme co-financing has been countersigned by Balvi Municipality, Latvia by the Vice- Mayor of Balvi Municipality Ms Ināra Ņikuļina in Riga, Latvia. Cross-border Project for preservation of cultural and historical heritage „To preserve not to lose it - safeguarding of cultural heritage” was accepted under the Priority 2 – common challenge, Measure 2.2. – preservation and promotion of cultural and historical heritage and support of local skills.

Overall objective of project is to develop complexes of manors in order to create preconditions for efficient natural and cultural heritage utilization to promote sustainable socioeconomic development in Pskov, South Estonia and Latgale regions.

Specific objectives of the Project are:

1) To revive, exchange and transfer to next generations traditional crafts, skills and know-how by facilitating preservation of nationally significant intangible heritage with contemporary ways and means.

2) To restore, preserve and fill with intangible cultural heritage content premises of Granary in Balvi (LV), of Winter garden in Sangaste (EST) and of Centre of Culture heritage in Dedovichi (RUS) through their use in today’s context.

3) To establish permanent exhibitions and international travelling exposition “From Rye to Bread” as culture exchange product by enhancing unity and differences in cultural heritage values and by raising public awareness on the role of cultural heritage in sustainable development.

Project partnership is formed by Balvi (LV), Sangaste (EST) and Dedovichi (RUS) municipalities which have common challenges in preservation and revival of 18-19th century manor complexes, including parks &local crafts.

Projects’ target groups are municipalities responsible for the preservation of natural and cultural heritage, masters in local crafts and traditional skills and participants in project activities – children, youth and other interested persons. Final beneficiaries will be inhabitants, incoming tourists and small businesses in these municipalities and regions.

Project activities include:

- Restoration of premises in Sangaste manor, in Cultural heritage centre in Dedovichi, in Granary of Balvi manor with an aim to serve as functioning contemporary exhibition venues;

- Ancient times meet with future-revival of intangible cultural &natural heritage -to raise awareness, revive &transfer of local crafts and traditions;

- Establishment of permanent and digitalised expositions include digitalisation of exhibits and establishment of one travelling exhibition “From Rye to Bread” which will be exhibited at all partners and Associates of the project.

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