Programme supports enterpreneurship in near border areas

April was marked with signing six Grant Contracts with Projects supported within 2nd Call for Proposals. For the first time in the history of the Programme, Joint Monitoring Committee approved 5 projects with an aim to encourage business and entrepreneurship in the near border areas within the Measure 1.1. Three of them have signed Grant Contract at the end of April and one in the beginning of May and so they can begin planned activities in Estonia, Latvia and Russia. Projects will improve business environment and facilitate preconditions for investments, reduce risks for start ups and provide consultancy, exchange of know-how and will strengthen networks of entrepreneurs.

Total support within the Measure 1.1. financed by Programme is around 2,73 million euro and Portfolios of all first four signed Projects soon will be published. 

Grant Contracts are signed with following Projects: 
ELRII - 535 – Regions are to attract investors, Lead partner – Foundation Ida-Virumaa Industrial Area Development, Estonia. PORTFOLIO

ELRII - 291 – Promoting the use of cultural heritage and resources in product development in border areas, Lead partner - The Union of Setomaa Rural Municipalities, Estonia. PORTFOLIO

ELRII - 233 – Fostering socio-economic development and Encouraging Business in Border Areas, Lead partner - Madona Municipality Council, Latvia. PORTFOLIO

ELRII - 465 - Logistics and Overland Transport Network for Training ‘Blue Collars’, Lead partner - Valga County Vocational Training Centre, Estonia. PORTFOLIO 

Fifth Project , ELRII – 285 – Improvement of higher vocational education in the field of transport and logistics, Lead partner - Malnava College, Latvia is planned to be signed in May 2013.