Programme promotes energy saving with “Green Public Houses”

On 7 June 2013 Grant Contract for 341 619,53 Euro of the Programme co-financing was countersigned by the JMA of the Programme and Urmas Peegel, Mayor of Misso Rural Municipality (Estonia). Cross-border project “Development and Promotion of Using Green Energy and Energy Saving Principles in Public Houses” is going to contribute to the fulfillment of the Programme Priority 2 – Common Challenges, Measure 2.3 – Improvement of energy efficiency and promotion of renewable energy sources.

The project is inspired by the idea of using green energy and energy-efficient building concepts, as going “green”, development of alternative energy resources and promotion of sustainable and effective use of energy are top themes all over the world. With existing technologies, energy savings of up to 30% are already feasible in European Union. In Russia the energy saving potential is estimated at 45% of current energy consumption. The project aim is to renovate public buildings, which are operating on high cost of heating every year, making them energy-efficient houses to promote using of green energy and renewable energy sources.

The overall objective of the project is to increase awareness, develop and promote the use of green energy and energy saving principles in public houses by effective and sustainable use of energy resources, significantly improved energy savings and development of alternative and renewable energy sources.

Specific objectives:

- To achieve energy savings and adopt the use of green energy through renovation of the buildings in Misso and Strugi-Krasnye

- To transform municipal buildings in Strugi Krasnye from heavy fuel oil heating to ground source heating structures

- To introduce the project and its objectives to public

- To promote the use of green energy to the local governments


Misso Rural Municipality Government (Estonia)


Administration of “Strugi-Krasniye area” of Pskov Region (Russia)

Total budget of the Project - 379 577,25 EUR