Programme held its Joint Monitoring Committee 10th meeting in Riga, Latvia

On 8 December, 2015 the Joint Monitoring Committee (JMC) of the Estonia-Latvia-Russia Cross Border Cooperation Programme 10th meeting took place in Riga, Latvia. Chairmanship in the year 2015 belongs to the Republic of Latvia and meeting was chaired by Ms Ilze Krieva – Deputy Director of Development Instruments Department, Ministry of the Environmental Protection and Regional Development of Latvia. The representative from the European Commission, Mr Alejandro Eggenschwiler took part in the meeting.


JMC members - representatives from the National and Regional Authorities from Estonia, Latvia and Russia were introduced with the Progress of Programme Implementation, with implementation of overall Annual Work Plan and Information and Visibility Plan of the year 2015 including projects participation in Programme, EC and other events with the aim of the Programme promotion. Financial section included information on the absorption of the Technical Assistance Budget 2015 as well with overall Programme financing issues and report by the Audit Task Force. 



Within the meeting Joint Monitoring Committee approved the following working documents for the coming year 2016 - Annual Work Plan, Information and Visibility Plan and Technical Assistance Budget.

Other important decisions were taken on changes in LSP Communication and Visibility Guidelines, on the savings after projects completion and of Technical Assistance budget. Amendments to the Rules of Procedure of the JTS for 2016 were approved.


Chairmanship for the year 2016 following the rotation principle was handed over to Estonia.

The Joint Monitoring Committee is responsible for effective and qualitative implementation of the Programme, approving projects to be financed and monitoring implementation of the Programme. A representative from the European Commission participates in the work of the Joint Monitoring Committee in the capacity of an advisor.