Power of Cooperation – Joint EC Day publication in Regional Review Magazine

Estonia-Latvia-Russia Coss border programme together with other four ENPI CBC 2007-2013 Programmes have been implemented with participation and in cooperation with the Russian Federation. Efforts of getting figures by programme resulted in joint figures of all 5 Programmes together. Children, entrepreneurs and SMEs, tourists, border crossers  and waters benefitted from cross border support, that is reflected in Regional Review Magazine, September 2014, its special edition for Open Days 2014.

South-East Finland – Russia, Karelia, Kolarctic, Estonia-Latvia-Russia and Lithuania-Poland-Russia cooperates for EC Day since 2012.

Publication for download is available in English and Russian!

In addition, in honour of European Cooperation Day 2014 Estonia-Latvia-Russia CBC Programme produced a poster. Main beneficiaries and results are put in figures and visaulised in photos.

Poster for downlead is available in English and  Russian!