PEOPLE WITH NATURE: International nature camp in Estonia joined teenagers from three countries
From 16 till 20 June the Project “Promoting nature education as efficient mean of awareness raising” (People with Nature) held international nature camp in Rogosi Manor, Estonia. The aim of the camp organized for the schoolchildren of neighboring countries by Tartu Environmental Education Centre and Peipsi Center for Transboundary Cooperation was to let them experience Estonian nature and create better understanding of the relationship between man and nature.

Similar camps had already taken place also in Latvia and Russia. Nearly 40 participants of the camp were selected from 13 to 16 years schoolchildren taking part in the competition of creative works on nature protection in Estonia, Latvia and Russia. A large international exhibition of works of the winners of this competition is planned to be opened in September in Pskov, Russia.

During the first day of the camp the organizers invited participants to team building outdoor activities and the neighboring countries' national evening program where campers themselves were both in the role of the performers and the audience. The children enjoyed singing and dancing, tried national Estonian dishes. Since health is an important part of the green lifestyle, all the camp days began with international morning excersises.


Content-rich and various lectures on ornithology, ethnic patterns, national woodwork, snails and musselns, water life and lake Peipsi were introduced by specialists in each field. In addition, the participants explored the local manor, had possibility to participate in the landscape game, visited the local farms, went hiking in nature trail and experienced late evening orienteering. The camp participants introduced their ideas connected with their creative works submitted for the international competition announced in the frame of the project. The children from three countries enjoyed sharing their different interests.

The last evening of the camp ended with joint dances with a local folk group and big campfire.

Photos and information provided by the Project.