PEOPLE WITH NATURE: 2nd Newsletter is out - all about Project partners and activities in Estonia, Latvia and Russia
The Project “Promoting nature education as efficient mean of awareness raising” (People with Nature) has issued its second very colourful and informative Newsletter. The Newsletter gives lots of interesting updates on implementation of activities in the project areas in Latvia, Estonia and Russia and offers a closer look at the eleven partner organizations involved in this project, as well as their work developing and promoting nature education.

Much work has been carried out, both individually and jointly, to improve the nature education centres and trails, develop novel nature study programs, and create exciting exhibitions and educational materials for public use. More than 10 new study programs and work-sheets, different printed educational materials, short movies and slideshows, models of national park territories, a virtual museum, mobile study day boxes, permanent and traveling exhibitions, and a table game have been created.

Development of international cooperation between schoolchildren of Estonia, Latvia and Russia, inside the Project holds a special place within the project implementation creating favourable conditions for the development of international cooperation and teaching collaboration in the field of ecological education to schoolchildren.

Please find the full text of the Newsletter here: