MEDICAL WASTE: Opening of Centre for disposal of hazardous medical waste in Kohtla- Jarve, Estonia

According to the opinion of Mr Tarmo Bakler, the chairman of the hospital board, it becomes invaluable in terms of compliance with European environmental requirements. Now the Center has room for washing containers for medical waste, refrigeration chamber, fitted with an autoclave Ecodas T100 room for the disposal of hazardous medical waste, and the staff room, in total 220 sq. m. The capacity of the autoclave can hold up to one cycle of approximately 100 litres of waste (10-15 kg). For the neutralization of waste system Ecodas T100 uses combined processing methods, in which the mechanical grinding of waste, treatment by steam under the pressure of 3.8 bar at a temperature of 138° c (sterilization) and cooling occur. 


At the launch of the Centre a big delegation arrived from Leningrad region, headed by the Chairman of the Health Committee, Mr Sergei Vylegzhanin, and representatives of the Slantsy administration, twin town of Kohtla-Jarve, participating as a partner in this project.


The opening ceremony was attended by Member of Parliament of Estonia, Member of the Parliamentary Commission on environment, member of the Council of the Ida-Viru Central Hospital, Mr Valeri Korb, Attache of the Consulate General of Russia in Narva, Mr Vladimir Solomatin, and other guests from Estonia and Russia.

The implementation of the joint project is co-funded by the Estonia-Latvia-Russia CBC Programme.  The total cost of the project is EUR 456 000, including Programme co-financing in amount of EUR 410 400 (90%). 


Information is prepared by Ms. Jelena Dulneva, Project Manager, Kohtla-Jarve Town Government
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