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LOGONTRAIN: The Final Conference of the Project in St.Petersburg, Russia

On 19 November, 2014 the Project “Logistics and Overland Transport Network for Training ‘Blue Collars’ ” (LogOnTrain) had its final conference in Saint Petersburg in Petersburg State Transport University. The event was divided into five sections and altogether four topics were discussed.

The event started with welcoming words from Ms Tatiana Vladimirova from the Committee of International Relations of the City of Saint-Petersburg, Joint Technical Secretariat of Estonia-Latvia-Russia Cross Border Cooperation Programme representative Mr Sergey Balanev and the prorector of Petersburg State Transport University Mr Petr Rybin. Project manager Mr Rainer Kuutma gave an overview of the project results and upcoming events.

After the overview of project LogOnTrain, a lively discussion and presentations of project work packages were started concerning the curricula, enhancement of qualifications of teachers and staff and ICT solutions in logistics training. Word was given to Mr Veiko Ardel for the curricula work package and to Mr Eriks Grinbergs and Ms Ilona Grivane who presented the results of LogOnTrain Summer School, which was held from 30 June to 4 July, 2014. The final input was given by Mr Aleksanders Medvedevs who introduced the solutions and programs from the information and communication technology work package.

Next, Mr. Ivar Unt, who is part and representative of Valga Town and County, introduced Valga and the County, gave an overview of what is available for the people in this region. The topic was continued by project partners -  Mr. Evgeny Korovyakovksiy from Petersburg State Transport University, followed by Mr. Mikhail Pimonenko from North-Western Russia Logistics Development and Infromation System and ended with words from Mr. Leonid Makarov from Saint-Petersburg State University of Telecommunications.




The final but very important topic discussed during the conference was possibilities of continuation of cooperation through new projects and a general overview of development in International/European/Baltic Sea Region by Mr. Olli-Pekka Hilmola. Mr. Ain Jõesalu gave an overview about Cross-Border Cooperation Programmes 2014 - 2020 after which lively discussions started about the future of the partnership.

Showing the wide range of possibilities created by the project for the students of logistics, the Project as well held on 27 November an on-line lecture by Professor Igor Kabashkin of Riga Transport and Telecommunication Institute. The lecture was addressed to students of all three partner countries and as well for any other interested observers.  


To learn more about the Conference, please visit the page of the event and the gallery. Other events and achievements of the project in more details can be seen at
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