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LogOnTrain: Logistics Studies Finally Improved with Communication Technologies

The main goal of the project was to support training of logisticians and freight-forwarders in border area vocational schools in Estonia, Latvia and North-West Russia. Within the project period, there were nine partnership meetings, six seminars, three conferences, six professors’ lectures and six master classes and other interesting events carried through.


The partnership worked out Information and Communication Technology Work Package to find potential solutions from the field of ICT, and provide a good use of the solutions tailored for the field of logistics.

These recommendations were elaborated for special logisticians training curriculum meeting the demands of the 5th qualification level and this curriculum is in operation in Estonia already. The document describes the possible Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) which could be applied and used in studies for Logistics related curricula. Different kinds of solutions have been developed so as to minimize the human error in calculations and logistics chain processes, which later could cost a lot of money for a company. These ICT solutions are being used in order to increase the productivity and cost savings in different actions in the demand and supply chain.


In the summer of 2014, a special Summer School for teachers and trainers of Estonian and Latvian VET schools too place in Riga. This event started also a network between Estonian and Latvian logistics teachers.


The partnership of the LogOnTrain project published also 7 study books specially designed for logistics training in English. Six of them are available as hard copies and one electronically in the internet. The project worked also hard to introduce new ICT solutions into training of logistics.

Within the period of the project activities, 11 articles were published in Estonian, Russian and English. Latvian and Estonian televisions broadcast also information about the project in their news programmes. The project participated also in organisation of European Cooperation Days in 2013 and 2014.


The partnership included seven organisations in Estonia, Latvia and Russia, Valga County Vocational Training Centre as the beneficiary, Valga County Development Agency, Riga State Technical School, Latvian Transport Development and Education Association of Latvia and Petersburg State Transport University, NPMP North-West Russia Logistics Development and Information Centre „ILOT“ as well as Saint-Petersburg State University of Telecommunications.

The budget of the project was 452 thousand euros.

The information is provided by Rainer Kuutma

Head of International Projects, Valga County Vocational Training Centre

LogOnTrain Project Manager

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