Like Estonia-Latvia-Russia CBC projects in pictures!

Among 73 photos that are put for new voting round for "special audience prize" 6 photos are from ESTLATRUS projects. EstRusFortTour-2, Green Heritage and E-archive were sucessful to deliver their photos for the "Put your project in the picture" photo competition announced by ENPI Info Centre. 1st Facebook album of 10 best photos collected 4201 votes and was shared 644 times on Facebook.

Time to vote is open till Thursday 31 July.

Let’s support this action and kindly vote for 6 photos submitted by ESTLATRUS projects EstRusFortTour-2, Green Heritage and E-archive.

EstRusFortTour-2  Nr.1.

EstRusFortTour-2 Nr.2.

EstRusFortTour-2  Nr.3.

Green Heritage Nr.1

Green Heritage Nr.2


Winner of the second round of the competition will be the picture that receives more likes. The winner will be announced next Friday. The winning picture will be displayed in the EU Neighbourhood Info Centre photo exhibition, "Faces of the Neighbourhood”, in Brussels (Belgium) at the Info Point Schuman in September/October.

2nd Facebook album of all 73 photos.