KEEP – improving knowledge management

On 9 and 10 October in Brussels for its 2nd meeting met KEEP 2.0. Working Group. INTERACT and the European Commission and several CBC Programmes were represented. Working group sets further aims and objectives for the future of KEEP. Higher commitments from Programmes and availability of complete and reliable data for professional use are expected by EC and INTERACT. New KEEP promotion strategy will be developed and it is planned that automatic data update will be the main tool to ensure completeness of data. KEEP is a free, comprehensive database on Territorial Cooperation projects, project partners and programmes. It covers the financing periods starting in 2000 and focuses primarily on the needs of the main stakeholders of Territorial Cooperation at any level, as well it is very useful instrument for EU and its partner countries citizens.

Being a part of KEEP for Programmes means commitment, ownership, possibility to showcase results (flagships, capitalisation products, and results), additional pool of partners available, and being a part of the EU info ‘hub’.

Examples of use of KEEP given by Programmes/Interact/European Commission.

KEEP and its EU level data can be used:
- To assess the experience of partners for similar activities (Lead Partner experience in management of Projects and size of managed projects);
- As source of information (information hub);
- As pool of partners (including partner search);
- For finding other ENPI CBC programme projects;
- Checking possible double financing of activities;
- To search projects of programmes for specific region;
- To look for information about Programmes (amount and thematic of projects);
- To check partnerships (partners involvements in projects);
- To obtain thematic information for Open Days;
- To search information to conduct capitalisation study (keywords, number of projects etc.);
- To search for information for capitalisation on maritime security and creative industries;
- To look for participants in tenders;
- To get data for research about CBC impact;
- To get data for PhD work;
- To get data for publications about CBC.

Existing data base provide quantitative data and it is planned the same for the KEEP 2.0. However the European Commission would be particularly interested into content of data – like results. EC is looking for exposition of results or at least outputs.

In spring 2015 new interface of the will be released and information search functions will be improved. Further improvements of website will be related to KEEP 2.0. It is planned to improve speed of navigation, processing and update of data, as well to ensure open data insertion.