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Intangible cultural and historical heritage exposition opened in Balvi during the European Cooperation Day 2014

On 30 September ceremonial EC Day action „Let’s preserve Grand Oak!” and grand opening of digital exposition of the North Latgale (Latvia) intangible cultural heritage gathered young and elderly in new Museum of Blavi County. Celebrations were co-organized by project "Preserve not to lose!” and included demonstration of respectable project implementation achievements. Exposition is unique and modern, and newest technologies allowe to put all, what has been collected and kept in storage rooms, in attractive and interactive context of todays needs. Traditional values of North Latgale, that include folklore, traditional singing and its collectors and performers, etnography, crafts, craftmanship and its carriers, private collections and materials about Balvi – it all has been digitalized and integrated in audio and visual materials.

EC Day celebration activities were held in Balvi Manor Bear Park and thanks to sunny autumn day, they were very colorful and rich with happenings. Ms Unda Ozoliņa, the Head of the Joint technical secretariat of the Estonia-Latvia-Russia programme welcomed participants and introduced the joy and results of cooperation. 


The Team of the Museum of Balvi County got warm EC Day vests in gratitutde for the big work done.

With an aim to preserve the Grand Oak, whose circuit is 5,25 meters, new benches around it were installed during joint work action.
The new place will be used for nature education lessons by youngest and by everyone to rest under the hundred years old tree. It is believed that oak tree gives strenght. Many children and youngsters of Balvi were involved in performances and dancing under the Grand Oak.


Rresearchers of the Institute of Systematic Biology of the University of Daugavpils came to the event with mobile biolaboratory that included workshop “Life in the tree”. It caused great interest among youngest and later on was complemented with a promotional lesson for secondary school scholers about possibilities to study biology. Reading “Science – it is interesting” was attractively conducted by Professor and Academician Mr Arvīds Barševskis, Rector of the University of Daugavpils.


With degustation of Latgale traditional bread and etnographic performance started official opening ceremony of digital exposition.
  Gratitudes to project implementers and Greetings to local inhabitants and honoured guests were adressed by the Mayor of Balvi Municipality Mr Andris Kazinovskis, by Ms Unda Ozoliņa, Head of the ENPI Estonia-Latvia-Russia CBC Programme, by Mr Kaido Tamberg, Mayor of Sangaste rural municipality (project partner from Estonia), by Ms Jana Šakare, representative of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Latvia, by Mr Aldis Adamovičs, Chairmen of the Development Council of the Latgale Planning Region.


Exposition is located in 5 stylishly-designed rooms. Most attractive is folklore room, where one can sit in comfy chair and listen to audio recorded traditional songs and psalms and at the same time view the singers on video screens that are attached to the ceiling.

Dd studio publicity photos

The whole atmosphere fully catch people perception and attracts attention and interest. Also on touchscreens one can read descriptions and stories, as well view informative photos and videos.  
Company "Dd studio" designed and technologically equiped the exposition.

Full photo Gallery of the EC Day in Balvi.

The short story about project „Preserve not to lose”

Other two flagship projects of the Programme for the European Cooperation Day 2014 are:

HERITAGE BUSINESS (Promoting the use of cultural heritage and resources in product development in border areas). Story about project can be read here

LSG Development (Supporting the local self-government development to improve the quality of life in rural areas). Story about project can be read here.  

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