INFROM: „Flood room” was presented during Researchers' Nights 2013

Due to research background of the implemented Project “INFROM”, the researchers of the Project participated in Researchers’ Nights 2013, which took place on 27 September, to demonstrate visitors the results of European Territorial Cooperation in science.

"INFROM" Project researchers Arnis Lektauers ( and Julija Petuhova ( presented results of the Project in a separate “Flood room” dedicated to flood subject. During the event, the functionality of the developed platform of floods monitoring in Daugavpils was demonstrated, including discussions on its main components for data collecting, evaluation, modelling, and visualisation by means of GIS platform and GEO portal. 



Among „Flood room” visitors there were target group representatives and researchers; many questions about developed technologies and methods came from students. Application of INFROM Project results to different actual problems was main point of interest from Riga residents and visitors. Presenting the results of the Project in general and flood monitoring platform in particular, INFROM Project researchers focused on actuality of application of scientific achievements for social welfare.  


The Reserchers' Nights are supported by the European Commission as a part of the Marie Curie Actions, which is an EU programme to boost European research careers. The main theme of Researchers’ Nights 2013 is water and its use in different spheres. This year the event was run on the same day in 35 EU countries and 300 cities. For Latvia this is 7th year of participating in Researchers’ Nights with installations in nine cities as Riga, Jelgava, Daugavpili, Rezekne, Ventspili, Valmiera, Salaspili, Liepaja and Cesis.