Increasing the visibility of the Programme and its supported Projects
20 new Project roll-up stands to support the Programme visibility have been produced in January 2014 and are distributed to the 2nd Call Projects during Programme events in February 2014. Characterising photos, overall objectives and financial allocations, as well links to the Project information in Internet are displayed in roll-up stands and serves as evidence of the idea of the Project.

Stands are going to be used by Projects during their events and events, where the project is promoted to target groups, as well in lobbies of partners’ organizations, thus making the information available to wider public in Estonia, Latvia and Russia.

Year 2014 is the final implementation year for the Projects. 6 projects have accomplished their activities by February 2014 and many more during the first half of the 2014. Displaying results to wider public will be one of the challenges of this year for each project.

Additional opportunity to share the works done will be in autumn 2014. Projects will be invited to celebrate European Cooperation Day in September 2014 and demonstrate their achievements and outputs to local or international society.