In total 24 067 718, 02 euro awarded within the 1st Call for Proposals

25 projects signed Grant Contracts for the total sum of the Programme co-financing of 24 067 718, 02 euro. Financing allocated per Priority can be viewed below.

Prority I  - 11 523 095,50 EUR   
Prority II  - 10 264 595,23 EUR  
Prority III  - 2 280 027,29 EUR

The Project “Tartu, Rēzekne, Pskov: Green Management for Urban Development & Planning in EE-LV-RU Border Capitals” has been countersigned under Priority 2, Measure 2.1. Joint actions aimed at protection of environment and natural resources lately by NGO “Lake Peipsi Project, Pskov” (Russia) for 1 753 375, 30 euro of the Programme co-financing. Total budget of the Project is 1 948 194, 78 euro.

During the process of signing all Project Partners form JTS received a Project Implementation Pack, which includes both Practical and Communication&Visibility Guidelines in bound together paper version, small Programme flag to be used in all events, Programme video in English and respective language of the country of the Partner in portable USB flash, also be showed at Project events.

For the immediate multipurpose use (printing in color, forwarding to media, etc.), JTS elaborated Portfolios of all Projects.  25 Project PORTFOLIOS can be viewed here.