HERITAGE BUSINESS: Study tour of SMEs from Ape region, Latvia to Pskov region, Russia
On 25-26 October 2013 a group of entrepreneurs from Ape region, Latvia visited Pskov region. The study tour was arranged in the framework of the project “Promoting the use of cultural heritage and resources in product development in border areas" (Heritage Business). The participants were mainly interested in using local cultural heritage and resources in small-scale production.

The program of the study tour included visits to the factory "Euroceramica" and Handicraft Centre in Pechory, museum-estate "Olgin-farm" and different handicraft studios in Pskov.

After the tour, small-scale producers from Ape region and Pskov oblast discussed business opportunities between two regions during joint experience exchange seminar. The similar study tour of SMEs from Pskov region to South-East Estonia took place in August 2013.

Memorable moments of the study tour and the seminar:




The study tours will be followed by seminars in November and December, where business opportunities of cross-border regions will be introduced to SMEs by chambers of commerce and industry from Estonia, Latvia and Pskov.

The overall aim of the project "Heritage Business" is to develop the skills and capacity of SMEs for using local cultural heritage, traditions and local resources in different business sectors thus improving competitiveness of SMEs in border areas.

The photos are provided by the Project "Heritage Business".

More information about the Project can be found in the PORTFOLIO.