Grant contract for 234 285,00 euro of the Programme co-financing countersigned by the JMA of the Programme and Türi Rural Municipality (Estonia)

Türi Rural Municipality (Estonia) together with Non-profit organization “Imperatorski Voksal” (St.Petersbrug, Russia) will realize cross-border tourism development project „Exploring the history of narrow gauge railway “ under the Priority 1 – Socio-economic development, Measure 1.3 – Tourism development. Total budget of the project is 261 285,00 euro.

The project idea is to promote narrow gauge railway thematic tourism field, which covers developing joint tourism goods and services, commonly accepted strategy of tourism and creation of co-operation networks in the field. For this purpose the preparations such as necessary work projects, plans and studies will be made to create a museum and exposition in Türi and St. Petersburg.

Brief information you can find in the PORTFOLIO of the Project