Today is Tuesday, 2024.06.25

FORGET A HURRY: Local writers and artists from Vilani, Karsava (Latvia) and Shlisselburg (Russia) meet via Teleconference

On May 21, in Vilani municipality hall in the framework of the project "FORGET A HURRY" activities the cross border teleconference was organized. All the project partners - local writers and artists from Vilani and Kārsava, as well Shlisselburg met in a virtual environment. As explained by a leading partner Ms. Iveta Pizicha (Vilani), the date was not chosen at random: May 21 is World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development.

Poetry readings - lyrics about nature, people and relationships up to local patriotism through the international teleconference were performed by representatives from Vilani creative cluster “Afford to come!” and Vilani high school literary circle. Poems about their native city and country were performed by members of the literary association "Neva Banks" and high school students from Shlisselburg.  Participants folk ensemble "Pattern" sang some Russian folk songs.


Employee History Museum Shlisselburg Ms Natalia Cheremisinova held a master class on making Slavic dolls as a talisman. Teacher from Shlisselburg art school Ms Anna Timasheva presented an exhibition of students' work "Russian folk propyl thread in the villages", a high school teacher Ms Tatiana Dudina and Ms Nadezhda Kuhtareva submitted student work "Russian motifs on the lessons of the fine arts and technology."

The teleconference was attended by representatives of the Karsava art school and Karsava municipality. Works in Russian and Latvian and Latgalian were performed by young poets from Karsava. 

But most participants remembered teleconference presentation by Mr. Antons Rancans about Latvian mythological signs that master has made of wood.

Musical greeting to project partners gave rural chapel of Vilani cultural center "Bumburneicys".

Teleconference has opened up another possibility of cooperation in cultural, artistic and literary field.

It should be noted that the project has also established a single blog "Остановись, мгновенье!"/"FORGET A HURRY!"/”Aizmirsti steigu!”, where the project participants - local writers and artists from all three of the above-mentioned municipalities, as well as associated partners - creators from Shlisselburg art school and Riga Janis Rosenthal art college - can publish their work, discuss and otherwise express themselves creatively.


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