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Forget a Hurry: Art recognizes no borders

Art is a universal language. It has the ability to reach everyone without any borders. It creates an opportunity for the expression of creativity. Art is a language that allows travelling in time and space. 

The exhibition was created within the project ELRII-359 “Forget a Hurry” of Estonia – Latvia – Russia Cross Border Cooperation Programme within European Neighborhood and Partnership Instrument 2007-2013. The project partners Vilani and Karsava municipalities (Latvia) received paintings as a gift from partner town Shlisselburg (Russia) where these art works were exhibited during the international summer camp for young people “Art Recognizes No Borders”.

Works of children from Shlisselburg were exhibited in Karsava Music and Art School. On 1 December, 2014 this exhibition was opened in Vilani Secondary School. During the opening event welcoming speeches were given by the headmaster of the Peteris Tretjuks School and the Chairwoman of Vilani Municipality Ms Jekaterina Ivanova. Throughout the Christmas time these works were exhibited in Janis Rozentals Riga Art Highschool, which is the associated partner of the project in the field of arts.

As one of the visitors admitted, you can imagine being in a place portrayed in the picture by just looking at it.

Vivid and colourful works of young people from Vilani and Karsava, in turn, were sent to Shlisselburg. They were available for a wider audience in Shlisselburg City Library and could also be seen during the final project conference held in Shlisselburg on 16 December 2014.

All the paintings were also published in the book of the project “Forget a Hurry” thus complementing the poetry and other literary works of the publication.

Art has the ability to reach people in a very specific way. It was shown by travelling exhibitions of the project. Art offers a unique story, gives an opportunity for the flight of imagination, and shows that it has no room for borders, only for creativity and fantasy.

The total cost of the project “Shaping of Latvia-Russia border municipalities united cultural information place and cooperation network by means of literary artistic creative potential“ (Forget a Hurry) is EUR 200 000,00. Co-financing by the Programme is EUR 171 000,00 EUR, partner`s contribution is EUR 29 000,00 EUR.


Information was prepared and photos provided by the project “Forget a Hurry”.

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