European Cooperation Day 2016

This year the European Cooperation Day (ECDay) will be celebrated already for the fifth time. Like every year, also this time it is done to emphasise the achievements of cross border cooperation in Europe and on its external borders. The official opening of the ECDay will take place on the first half of September in Bratislava, Slovakia.

Various local activities and events will be organised throughout September and early October. This year focus will be put on the importance of sustainable development and awareness raising about environmental challenges among school children and general public at large.

Family-friendly days will be organised in Estonia, Latvia and Russia to give an opportunity for families to spend time together exploring nature and inspiring their interest for nature protection. A wide range of enjoyable and educational hands-on activities will be delivered to bring the participants closer to nature. The activities will be organised both indoors (e.g. interactive classes, trainings, experiments, crafts) and outdoors (e.g. educational excursions in nature, outdoor classes).

Based on the tradition that every year one project is selected as a flagship project, this year ECDay 2016 actions will be held in a close cooperation with three partners of project ELRI-156 “Promoting nature education as efficient mean of awareness raising” (“People with Nature”).

Key actions of the ECDay 2016:
- On 17 September - Tartu Environmental Education Centre, Estonia
- On 24 September - Forest School “Pauguri” in Līgatne, Latvia
- On 5 October - Centre for children and youth creativity “Zerkalniy”, Russia

Please check our website regularly for updates on the upcoming events.

ECDay 2016 campaign video