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ESTLATRUS TRAFFIC: The Project finished and summarized

"Saving lives, saving money!" was the result-oriented motto of project "Increasing traffic system’s capability within EE-LV-RU international importance transport corridors” (ESTLATRUS TRAFFIC). The Project has been implemented within the time period 1 April, 2012 - 30 September, 2014, supported by the Estonia-Latvia-Russia Cross Border Cooperation Programme. Project results increase traffic safety in long-term perspective by the improved road infrastructure, and at the same time can save real life of a certain person. Such case took place in November, 2013 in Tartu, Estonia, where crash cushion system repaired with the help of traffic insurance fund saved the life of a young driver in a car accident.

The overall objective of the project was to increase the transport system’s sustainability, capability and accessibility and to improve overall competitiveness of the Estonian-Latvian-Russian border region  through exchange and capacity building in visible traffic safety solutions and development of transport and road information infrastructure.

All activities have been implemented within strong project partnership consisting of about 20 cooperation organizations - municipalities, NGOs and state institutions. Cross-border resources for traffic safety have been mobilized by regular joint meetings, common patrolling in Russia, exchange study visits for the representatives of traffic safety institutions.



Public awareness on the traffic safety issues has been increased in the Estonian, Latvian and Russian border territories. Innovative cross-border traffic safety measures were implemented within information campaigns "Sleep and drive!", "Mother, father and me - protected family!", "Safe Wheel", "Love life", "Know the traffic regulations abroad!" Even Santa Claus was involved in the traffic safety campaign "Safe holidays" in Russia.



International cooperation network on traffic safety issues at the cross roads between the European Union and Russian Federation has been established. In order to contribute to sustainable transport and public space development innovative streetscape design Handbook has been elaborated, using best practices of Voru, Kraslava and Pechory towns. Web catalogue on streetscape design is available to all interested parties at

Improvements in transport and road information infrastructure were implemented in 12 Estonian, Latvian and Russian settlements located along the strategic transport corridors of international importance.

Reconstruction of parts of transit streets in Vilani and Ludza (Latvia).

Reconstruction of parking place in Kraslava (Latvia).

Installation of traffic education parks in Voru (Estonia), Rezekne, Ludza and Karsava (Latvia) and Pitalovo, Krasnogorodsk, Pskov (Russia).

The project has been finalized by Traffic safety Forum in Preili, Latvia. During this event sustainability of project results was ensured by Cross-Border Cooperation Agreement signed between Latvian and Estonian traffic safety institutions.


Information and photos are provided by the Project.
Full text of Final press-release prepared by the Project.
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