EMAJOE-PSKOV WMP: The Project successfully crossed the finish line

Closing seminar of the Project “Water management Project of Peipsi, Pihkva, Lämmijärve, Saadjärve and Veskijärve Lakes” (Emajõe-Pskov WMP) and ceremonial opening of newly constructed wastewater treatment plant took place on  12 September in Mustvee, Estonia. It was the official finish line for 2,5 years cross border cooperation project between project partners around Lake Peipsi.


Project partnership joined the leading partner AS Emajõe Veevärk, three Estonian partners Mustvee Municipality, Lohusuu Municipality and Kasepää Municipality and one Russian partner Municipal enterprise of Pskov city "Gorvodokanal".

The overall aim of this project was to reduce pollution in the area of Lake Peipsi water basin. The Project covered renovation works of Mustvee and Pskov wastewater treatment plants as well as construction of new water and wastewater pipelines in Palamuse and water treatment facilities in Kasepää. Additionally feasibility studies, environmental impact assessments and water and wastewater designs for Tartu, Lohusuu, Mustvee and Kasepää municipalities were done.

With co-operation of AS Emajõe Veevärk and AS Regio  a GIS solutions was developed to manage water and sewer networks. The system enables to display, administer, store and print out all areas in Emajõe Veevärk network area. GIS allows efficient maintenance of water and wastewater utilities in Emajõe Veevärk and Partners operating areas and will have low maintenance and operating costs in future.

Project final cost was 1,78 million Euros 90% of which was financed by Estonia-Latvia-Russia cross border cooperation Programme within European Neighbourhood and Partnership instrument.

Information is prepared by the Project.

Detailed overview of Project work.

More details at Leading partner’s webpage.